Anti-Spam system

The anti-spam system is a crucial element that the Rese team pays great attention to and invests significantly in, ensuring a safe, high-quality, and reliable environment for Rese's Web3 social platform.

Rese's anti-spam system includes:

User Verification and KYC (Know Your Customer)

To ensure the authenticity of users, Rese implements user verification and KYC processes. This helps eliminate fake accounts and increases the number of genuine users on the platform.

Content Review and Moderation

For all content posted on Rese, there is a dedicated team that rigorously reviews and moderates the content. The system, along with human moderators, evaluates content before it goes public to prevent the spread of spam or illegal content and maintain content quality on the platform.

IP Tracking and Rate Limiting

IP tracking is used to detect and limit spam activities from unidentified or suspicious IP addresses. Rate limiting restricts the number of requests from a specific IP address within a certain time frame. These measures prevent spam activities and discourage the creation of multiple fake accounts.

Reporting System (Rewards for Accurate Reports, Penalties for Abnormal Behavior)

Contributors who provide high-quality and accurate reports receive special benefits or bounties. On the other hand, those who violate the platform's rules may face temporary or permanent bans from the Rese ecosystem.

With the aim of building a valuable content-sharing platform, and fostering knowledge exchange in the Web3 space, Rese encourages its user community to contribute relevant content and report spam content actively. Regarding reported spam content, Rese's moderators conduct a review process, and if the content violates community standards, it will be removed from the platform. In cases where such content has been minted as NFTs, the ownership remains with the user and is stored on the blockchain.

  • Community Reporting and Feedback: Rese establishes a mechanism for the community to report and provide feedback on content or activities that show signs of irregularities or spam. The community plays a crucial role in detecting and reporting spam-related issues, enabling the platform to react quickly and effectively.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

Rese leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze spam patterns and optimize content moderation. Based on automatically collected data, the system can autonomously learn and detect complex spam behaviors without significant human intervention.

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