NFT Contentization

Rese facilitates users in converting their content into unique NFTs on the blockchain and within the Rese ecosystem. This NFT conversion safeguards users' ownership and authorship rights while generating value for their content within the Rese ecosystem. Users manage these NFT contents through their WEB3 DID .rese.

Content on Rese includes Free content (shared by users without charge) and Premium content (Content that users set a fee to access).

For Premium content, users need to mint them into NFTs to ensure content copyrights and facilitate easy trading. Users can create an NFT for a single post or compile a collection from various NFT posts to serve research and in-depth sharing needs.

Methods of Payment for NFT Content

Pay to Read - A one-time fee for indefinite access to Premium content.

Pay to Own - Users can pay to own NFT Premium content and are allowed to publish it on the Rese platform to earn profits. All these activities are transparently stored and traceable on the blockchain, including author information, owner, and transaction history of NFT content.

$RESE is the currency used for NFT content transactions.

Rese Web3 Education Content

With the motto 'Knowledge is Power', Rese aims to develop educational content to facilitate accessible and engaging learning about the Web3 Space. It creates a learning approach based on shared experiences from experienced individuals, carefully selected from the community, revolutionizing how online education works. This enables learning anytime, anywhere, and tailored to each user's purpose.

Users have the right to create educational content categorized into different levels and evaluated by the community. The value of DAO is firmly applied in this Sharing and Learning model.

For educational institutions, schools, and cryptocurrency projects, they can create online courses and quizzes and access a precise group of users interested in Web3 potential. They can generate revenue from Web3 Education content and introduce their brands and projects to the community.

Users participating in learning through quizzes and online courses must pay fees set by the content owners. Upon completion of studies, users are granted online certificates, or they can receive rewards upon completing quizzes.

Rese Web3 Research Content

Rese focuses on research content related to blockchain technology, general financial market information, and, specifically the crypto market. Within the Web3 Space, we recognize the invaluable contributions of experienced researchers who possess practical expertise. Such content can significantly benefit a wide audience. Therefore, Rese serves as a platform for researchers to effortlessly share their research content and receive well-deserved community evaluations and rewards.

This approach encourages researchers to contribute to the community by concentrating on research analysis and sharing valuable and helpful content. Simultaneously, the community engages in self-verification and develops valuable research content with increasing depth.

By utilizing Rese, you will save considerable time and effort searching for valuable research content. While millions of pieces of content are shared on the internet daily, Rese distinguishes itself by focusing on sharing content of value. The platform features articles assessed and curated by the user community. Spam, plagiarized content, and valueless information are filtered through Rese's moderation system, with the community actively participating in maintaining content quality.

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