Token Utility

The Rese token serves as the singular currency of the platform, strategically designed to propel the development of the decentralized social network, Rese. Its objective is to drive sustainable value for users and the community. The core utilities of the Rese token include:

  1. Exclusive Access Rights: $RESE holders are granted VIP checkmarks, providing access to premium features and unlocking the ability to earn and share rewards.

  2. Governance: $RESE holders have the privilege to participate in voting and manage the platform's activities in the future.

  3. Payment unit: $RESE is utilized as the primary payment currency on the Rese platform.

  4. Payment Master: In the upgrade roadmap, $RESE tokens are selected to serve as transaction fees on the Rese platform, replacing $ETH or zkSync coins.

  5. Staking & Farming: Stake and farm $RESE to earn rewards.

  6. Rewards: $RESE serves as incentivized rewards for user engagement and participation in activities on the Rese platform.

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