• What is Rese?

Rese SocialFi is a social media platform based on Web3 technology, focusing on research and education about Web3. It provides an environment for the global community of crypto and Web3 enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share information.

  • What is Web3 and why is Rese focusing on it?

Web3 is a new generation of the Internet that follows Web2, emphasizing decentralization, data ownership, and blockchain integration. Rese focuses on Web3 because it's a future development direction with the potential to change how we interact and share online.

  • What is WEB3 DID and why is it important?

WEB3 DID is a decentralized identity system built on Rese's Web3 platform. It allows users to privately and securely verify their identity, providing higher security compared to traditional identity systems. Notably, Rese's WEB3 DID acts as an identification card for users to access the entire Rese ecosystem.

  • How can I join Rese SocialFi?

You can join Rese SocialFi by creating an account by connecting your wallet and minting your personal digital identity - Rese WEB3 DID. Afterward, you can participate in the community, share content, and engage in other activities on the Rese platform.

  • Can I create my own NFT content?

Absolutely! You can create and digitize your own content into NFTs using the Post Creation Tool supported by the Rese platform. This allows you to protect your ownership rights and showcase your creative talent to the community.

  • Is the personal information on Rese SocialFi secure?

Yes, it's completely secure and private. The platform is designed to be decentralized and community-focused, meaning the Rese team does not unnecessarily interfere with users' personal information and rights.

  • How does Rese ensure safety from spam and attacks?

Rese employs various security measures such as IP tracking, rate limiting, and community reporting to prevent spam and attacks. This ensures protection against unwanted activities. Additionally, the community has the authority to report and address any behavior or activity that doesn't meet Rese's standards.

  • Why should I join Rese SocialFi?

Participating in Rese SocialFi offers you a unique opportunity to access Web3 knowledge, share information, and build relationships within the global Web3 and crypto community. You can also leverage your digital identity to engage in the NFT market and explore the promising realm of Web3 content and knowledge.

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