Web3 Advertising

Rese Web3 Advertising brings several key features and benefits below:

  • Effective Targeting: Rese enables effective targeting of the desired customer base by utilizing personal data that users control and consent to use. This enhances the accuracy and efficiency of advertising campaigns.

  • Personal Data Control: Users on the Rese platform have the right to accept or decline the use of your personal data for advertising purposes and receive a share of the advertising revenue. This ensures privacy and data ownership for users.

  • Revenue Sharing: Users and creators can earn profits from advertising on the Rese platform by agreeing to share data for advertising purposes, engaging with ads, and creating content.

  • Transparent Transactions: All transactions on the blockchain-based platform are transparent, allowing users to access and efficiently control their transactions.

  • Community Interaction: Rese fosters positive community engagement. This helps boost user interaction and support for advertising campaigns.

Rese Web3 Advertising and the auction process:

Rese Web3 Ads Exchange is a decentralized advertising platform based on blockchain technology, utilizing Real-Time Bidding (RTB) 2.3 and Header Bidding (HB) to facilitate real-time buying and selling of advertisements. The Rese Ads platform allows advertisers to bid on ad impressions based on user data and content context.

Importantly, Rese Web3 Ads Exchange respects user data ownership and ensures transparency in the advertising transaction process through blockchain technology, providing a secure and transparent advertising experience for both users and advertisers.

Main concepts about the Bidding of Rese platform:

Real-Time Bidding 2.3 (RTB 2.3) is the latest programmatic advertising method that enables real-time buying and selling of ad impressions on an individual basis. In this process, when users visit a specific website or app, data about the users and available ad inventory is sent to an ad exchange. Advertisers then bid on these ad impressions in real-time based on the users' profiles and content context.

Header Bidding (HB) is a technique used to improve efficiency and transparency in programmatic advertising auctions. With HB, publishers can offer their ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously, and these exchanges compete in real-time to bid for the impression. This helps publishers maximize their ad revenue by receiving bids from multiple sources and selecting the highest-value one.

The ad impression auction process involves advertisers competing to place bids for ad impressions on a website or app. When users access a specific page on the Rese social platform, data about the users and the content of the page will be sent to the Rese Web3 Ads Exchange. Then, advertisers will review this information and decide the bid price for that ad impression.

  • In a real case study, if a website has content related to blockchain technology and users are accessing it from a region with a high advertising market, advertisers may be willing to bid a higher amount for their ads to appear on that website. After the advertisers complete the auction, the one with the highest bid will have their ad displayed on that website.

The ad impression auction on Rese Web3 Ads Exchange ensures that the displayed ads are relevant to users and content context, creating a competitive and fair environment among advertisers to optimize revenue and advertising effectiveness.

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