Ecosystem Diagram

Users need to own Rese DID to be able to join the Rese SociaFi platform and fully participate in features, and monetize according to the model below:

  1. Users on the Rese SocialFi platform can create content and become Creators to start sharing and monetizing.

  2. Creators can mint content into NFT and set cost parameters such as Pay-to-Read, and cost per copyright.

  3. Creators can Publish content on the Rese content platform for monetization or List NFT Content on Rese NFT Marketplace for trading with other Publishers.

  4. Publishers can evaluate and select potential NFT content for future investment and monetization by purchasing copyrights from authors and re-listing on the Rese NFT marketplace and re-publishing on the Rese content platform.

  5. Verified organizations can create Quiz and Online Courses, mint to NFT, list on Rese NFT marketplace or Rese content platform, earn revenue or introduce brands to real potential users. .

  6. Readers and Learners can search and pay to be able to read/learn all the great research articles, valuable courses or take quizzes to get rewards. After completing the Online Courses, Learners will receive corresponding Badges.

  7. Eligible Users/Organizations will get a share of advertising revenue from Rese Web3 Ads Exchange.

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